Hello everyone . After the obligatory first test post, I am going to give a general upate before going back and showing everyone the before pictures and play catch-up after all my slackness!

For those of you who haven’t read our entire website www.ponytailacres.org, we are opening an equine facility and organic farm based on substantiable and holistic principles. Isn’t that quite a mouthful? For the rest of us rednecks out there (in the middle of Alpharetta/Milton, hahahaha), that means we will have horses and food crops, all fed and tended through means which limit chemical interactions within our/their bodies and have little impact on the environment. Pretty cool huh?

Where we are at:

-need to get the rest of our personal items out of our house so we can rent it out

-need to plow garden areas and test soil. The areas have been fallow for 7 years so I don’t think we will need to add anything, but you never know. Organic fertilizers are limited and expensive so I hope not.

-seedlings are up and growing in the basement! Pictures to come later.

-general area clean up

-fix barns and fencing to bring in horses

-get insurance and make provisions to sell produce at farmer’s market and area restaurants

-get signs made for entrance to “farm”

-lots and lots of time and physical labor

More information and pictures to come later…but I hope ya’ll enjoy reading and experiencing the trials and successes of our venture!