Lots of stuff going on today. I’ll try to summarize as best as I can below.

-More trees have been taken down. Lots have died over the past couple of years due to the drought. We have to get the dead ones down so they don’t get blow over during a summer storm on the crops, fences, or horses around the property. And some of these trees are BIG!

-The board fencing continues to get patched and electrical fencing to the house garden is in progress. We were very excited to see the electrical fencing work.

-Fig tree is growing quickly and it is about time to start pruning and rooting limbs off the tree. I noticed today that several branches don’t have any early crop figs on them so we could go ahead and get some in pots.

-Front garden has one row planted with alternating beefsteak tomatoes and pickling cucumbers. We are running soaker hoses as we plant so the little baby plants don’t dry out in the sun before their root system get established.

-All the other seedlings are doing well in the basement awaiting their turn to be planted in the rich garden soil.

-We have filed our paperwork to become an LLC. Exciting stuff!

All in all we are on track with the facility part of the farm. I’m considering having several people over for a planting party this weekend, is anyone game? Send me an email at ashley@ponytailacres.org if you are interested.