If you are new to enjoying the PTA blog, you might not know that one of the farm goals is to be sustainably run. That being said, we haven’t made a whole lot of progress on this goal since we are having to buy so many new materials.

But as gardening items are starting to draw to a close and we begin to focus on the horse facility, we are seeing the need to both cut costs and find materials which can be reused. Below are some examples of how we plan to reduce our facilities construction impact on the environment.

-veggie support systems made from leftover lumberyard scraps. Free for us, and reuse of items that would otherwise go to the dump or get made into wood chips. Just make sure to wear thick gloves to avoid those splinters! We have lots of wire we already obtained from the debris around the house to use for the runs between stakes.

-barn materials and fencing from a local closed horse facility. If you know the Milton area, you know that builders own several large horse farms that have been shut down. It is our goal to contact the owners of these places and reuse board fencing, electrical fencing, feed bins, blanket barns, ladders, fans, and wood planks for the hayloft floor. Wish us luck in obtaining permission from this developers!