First and foremost, the Staples Family welcomes Jackazoom to the family. He is an Appendix Quarter horse ( TB/QH cross for those who don’t know), around 16 hands and 7 years old. And he’s dappled grey. I guess I should rename my farm Grey Acres since Goose and Zoomer are both grey and the boarder who is coming also has a grey pony!

We spent the day Monday getting Zoomer from a north GA mountain home and then headed to Green Acres to pick up Goose. Zoomer loads on the trailer like a pro but Goose had other ideas. It finally took some grain (Goose’s favorite) to get him on the trailer and heading over to PTA.

Both horses unloaded at the house and were greeted with apples and carrots from the parents. After a few minutes of settling in their stalls, they started hamming it up for the camera begging for us to give them their dinner.

Both horses settled in nicely and got along with each other when being turned out today. Everyone that lives here on the property agreed today that it was very nice having horses here again. It was worth all the sweat and work to get to this point.

A couple of items to note: Party to celebrate the grand opening of Pony Tail Acres is this Saturday, November 7th from 10 am to 5 pm. Come out and celebrate with us.

We are getting the new roof on the barn on Thursday (so they say). Cross your fingers we get the roof before the big hay delivery comes! The house got its new roof this past week and it looks great. 🙂