Well first and foremost, I would like to welcome Midnight Sleightly Cool to Pony Tail Acres. ”Coolio” is a Section B Welsh pony stallion that will be standing at stud come spring. He’s still a youngster at 2 years old. He is owned by a trainer at Green Acres who “imported” him from Idaho. Poor little guy was really tired after such a long journey, so he spent a few days being lazy.


Midnight Sleightly CoolCoolio has been nothing but a dear so far but I’m sure he has some sort of trouble up his sleeve (err…hoof?). It is interesting to me how I have two 2 year olds on the property now when before I really wasn’t interested in having any so young. For the most part they are a joy to work with and just teach them all the things a show horse will need to know.

Goose did really try my patience yesterday though. Too many hours in the stall while it was raining with no turn-out and his grain rich diet lead to an overly excited Goose. Since he is normally so docile and easy to work with he “asked” to be worked hard. At the end of the session yesterday he came to the understanding that he must still listen to me while excited and concentrate on his work. Today he was an absolute gentleman. I was proud of him and very happy that he showed me his good brain.

The other gray boy Zoomer is such a darling. Over the past week he has sought to figure out how far he can push me before I will correct him. For example, while putting on his blanket, can he please nibble on my fingers? Of course not. But every intelligent horse will test a new person until he/she figures out the parameters. So Zoomer and I have an understanding and he has been working so well for me now. He’s the first one at the gate when I walk out to the barn looking for pets. He is also doing very well under saddle, giving to the bit and bending well. I’m impressed that he tries so hard even though he’s out of shape, he always gives 100%.

All is well at the barn. Hopefully the water heater will be complete soon and we will give them warm baths. 🙂