For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you know that we have finally reached the part of the business where we are farm shopping! These past 8 months have been quite an adventure – cleaning up Ashley’s parents’ house and barn, mending fences, learning the ins and outs of organic gardening, determining our own best practices and buying most of the equipment that we need. We should now have everything we need but the tractor and the bigger farm!

Recently we’ve looked at a few different facilities, each with their own unique charm. We’re currently planning to go see a 25 acre farm in Cumming tomorrow and a 16 acre farm up by Big Canoe on Friday. Out of all of the ones we’ve looked at – online and off – so far, the Cumming one seems the most promising. It’s close to my (David’s) day job, the price seems workable, it has multiple houses on it that we can rent out or let caretakers, trainers, etc. live in and it’s reasonably close to the Wills Park show facility and GA 400 to go to other shows.

So while we’re still searching for the perfect new home for Pony Tail Acres, if you happen to come across a farm that you think we might be interested in, feel free to shoot us a link to it. We’d love to check it out! Anyhow, back to the spreadsheet… trying to make the numbers work out for one of these places so we might be able to get into one at the beginning of 2010. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our search for the perfect place!