As I mentioned in my last post, the only major items left to purchase for Pony Tail Acres were a tractor and a farm. Well, we decided that we wanted to meet our goal of buying all of the vehicles and equipment we needed in 2009, so that we could leave just finding a farm for our major 2010 purchase. We’ve traded our personal vehicles for farm trucks. We bought the horse trailer and various tools. And the biggest tool yet we gave ourselves for Christmas while Kubota was still offering 0 percent financing – a Kubota Grand L 3240 tractor (that we’ll be running on biodiesel). We also picked up a bush hog and tiller attachment so as to make our gardening efforts and cleanup for whatever farm we purchase much more do-able.

Speaking of finding a farm, we think we’ve finally found one! We’re very close to making an offer on a 38 acre tract that we found that we believe should go for somewhere under $10,000 an acre. Since some of you have asked for ways to help, we’ve also created a donations page where you can help push the organic and sustainable farming movement to more peoples’ dinner tables.

Ashley and Brandy on the new tractor

Ashley (left) and Brandy (right) on the Kubota