Well we are up to 4 warm and fuzzy bodies here at Pony Tail Acres.  They are so ready for the weather to turn and warm up so they can get their blankets off!  🙂  A mini-update on all of them.

Welcome Menai Lisa May to the Pony Tail Acres herd.  Lisa May comes to us as a broodmare for little Coolio man.  She is a 16 year old Section A Welsh pony mare……and she’s gray.  HA!  Maybe we should have named the farm Gray Acres?  Anyways, Lisa May is terribly shy and hasn’t been handled much in the past 6 years, but she has thrown some wonderful babies and we are anxious to see what kind of baby she throws in 2011.  For now she is a great pasture buddy for Goose.

Goose is growing and filling out his thin little (ok, huge) body.  After a bout with a sickness in early winter, he’s back to feeling like a 3 year old!  His job right now here at PTA is to grow, and I think he sticks right now at 16.1 hh.  We love Goose’s attitude and hope to get to do more light training with him as spring gives us some better weather.

Zoomer is bored.  He would love for it to be summer and to get worked for an hour a day.  He loves people and can’t wait to have everyone’s eyes, ears, and hands on him for hours a day.  Such a playful soul as well, he’s spent a large part of the winter torturing his jollyball.  I don’t think it holds air anymore.  I’m thinking about getting him the oversized horse soccerball I saw advertised on TV the other day.

Coolio has also spent the winter growing.  While he hasn’t gained much in height (not that he needs to, being a pony breed), but rather he looks more and more like a grown up.  His neck is developing nicely with the thick stallion chunk and he’s getting a little more of a butt!  We can’t wait to see what kind of babies he throws for the 2011 season! (Especially with Lisa May 🙂  )

Will update the rest of the farm activities later on this week.