Wake up, itch, feed horses, clean stalls and other chores, breakfast (normally while driving to Powder Springs), itch, up to 1.5 hour commute to new farm, decide where to start on my to-do list, welcome my lovely helpers for the day, work, work, itch, work, lunch, work, work, work, say bye to lovely helpers for the day, big itch, work, work, work, look at watch and realize I will be sitting in traffic yet again, run to truck, up to 1.5 hour commute back to Milton (while itching), feed horses, see potential colic, walk horse and itch, horse seems ok, eat dinner my wonderful dad made, check on colicy horse (which was fine), take shower, treat posion ivy, realize that I forgot to send fencing diagrams to order fencing materials, answer a few emails, add 10 items to do list, realize I forgot to load truck bed, give up, swear not to itch tomorrow and head to bed.  And close chicken coop.  Lather, rinse, and repeat for tomorrow.  Whew!