So, a small update from previous weeks to catch you up.

Week 1- Week of being overwhelmed at the mountain of items on the to-do list.  Week of bush hogging the property and getting the RV over.  Week of meeting the community!

Week 2- Week of the poison ivy.  Ugh.  Week of tearing down old fenceline.  Week of finding out what still works (the well pump) and what doesn’t (the sewage pump).

Week 3- Week of painting fence posts and attempting to dig fence post holes.  Week of frustration.  Week of the bruises!  Week of electrical installation in the pump house and the barn getting done quickly.

Week 4- Week of breaking equipment.  *sigh*  New post hole digger in back of truck waiting on an extra set of hands to help me put it on the back of the tractor.  Week of plumbing getting done quickly from well house to barn.

Week 5- Next week!  You should see some big changes coming in the next week.  Our fencing products are on order and should be going up in the next couple of days.  Once the fencing is up, we will bring the horses over from Milton and start full time work on the barn and riding ring.  Wish us smooth sailing!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but we have changed our cell phone providers and all the pictures I took from the past 2 weeks were on my old phone!  Hope for a better update next week!