Okay okay, I have been bad about keeping the blog updated.  The horses have been moved to our new facility and I’ve still not put up all the pictures I’ve been taking along the way.  So for your viewing pleasure below is a bunch of progress pictures from the past 3 weeks!

Pony Tail Acres Auger

Our old auger broke so “Bubba” the Kubota had to get a shiny new auger. It works way faster, which makes our lives easier!

Pony Tail Acres RV Winch

Dawn moving the RV winch. The driveway is being laid so we had to move equipment in the way.

Pony Tail Acres Zoomer

Zoomer doesn’t really care about where he is as long there is food!

Pony Tail Acres Post Holes

Concreting and dropping posts into holes.

Pony Tail Acres Trailer

Our big trailer, “Biggin” or “Big Nose” fits great in the parking spot we made for it.

Pony Tail Acres Posts

Drunken looking posts ready to be straightened and set along Stout Parkway.

Pony Tail Acres Ampitheater

Posts set along the Amphitheater curve.

Pony Tail Acres Brace Posts

Brace posts set and ready! Time to string the Centaur!

Pony Tail Acres Driveway

The driveway being laid. It is so pretty! No more muddy tires 🙂