Some more pictures that I haven’t gotten around to posting.  The cruddy weather over the past couple of weeks has forced the slow down of constructing and fixing.  Hopefully our riding ring footing can be laid down before Christmas!  Until then, enjoy some pictures of what’s been going on the past couple of weeks.

Buttercup and Chewbaca

Buttercup and Chewbaca wonder where they are going……to the new farm!

Goose and Coolio

Goose looks very confused and Coolio looks happy to be going somewhere!


Cady thinks moving horses to the new farm is exhausting work.


Goose and Buttercup check out their new digs. Grass baby!


Bonfire on the night of bringing the horses over to the new farm. What a great (and LONG) day!


Zoomer sunning himself. I saw a couple of people slow down on the road, wondering if he was “playing dead” or really dead! Haha!

Chicken Coop

Start of chicken coop. Need to get it finished before all the chickens at my parents house are killed by the pack of hungry racoons!