Well ladies and gents, there are so many things going on around Pony Tail Acres it almost makes my head spin!  It’s hard to believe we’ve only owned the property 5 months….what a difference quite a bit of elbow grease and loving, hard working friends and family.

First off, the BIG news.  I’m pregnant!  A little surprise will be born around the middle of August this year.  Hard to believe with everything going on that we will also become parents this year.  Stealing a phrase from a friend….Heaven in 2011.  (Thanks Dawn 🙂 ).  Our little Lisa May is due to foal any day now with her first PTA baby.  We can’t wait to see what both her and Coolio’s genes look like in baby form :).


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a PEANUT????? Yep, that’s in my belly folks.

Lisa May

Lisa May from behind. She’s ready to pop that baby out! Any bets on whether we are getting a colt or a filly?

In other than babies in bellies news, we have made tremendous progress with the riding ring.  From layers and layers of grass and tons of vines on the old fencing to a regraded, new fenced, new sand wonder!  The first ride was wonderful, like feeling springs under the horse hooves.  Too bad I only had a pony ride since I’m pregnant.  I will watch everyone else ride and be jealous until fall!


Sand being delivered. Load 4 out of 10.

Spreading Sand

Spreading the sand. It doesn’t take too long with a skid steer and 2 people raking!

Raking Sand

After the first raking. The ring look huge! Can’t wait to ride……

First Official Ride

Dawn on Zoomer for the first official ride. All smiles!

Centaur Fencing

Fence posts all painted, brackets hung for the Centaur fencing…time to put in some beautiful jumps!

Elsewhere on the property hasn’t slowed down one bit either.  We have finally been able to move out of our RV (which is currently for sale, anyone interested?) and into our barn lounge.  It’s such a relief to be able to take a shower in normal arm motion range without banging your elbows and sleep in our own bed.  A huge thanks needs to go out to my friends Jennie, Miguel, and Reyna and my sister Brandy and my father Brad for helping us get into the lounge and comfortable.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Also, work has begun to remove trees on our back 30 acres.  This will allow for more pasture space as well as cross country courses and better trails.  Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next few coming months with better weather on the way.

Thinking about boarding at Pony Tail Acres?  We have 0pen spots available with more to come soon.  Contact us for details!

Midnight’s Sleightly Cool is available for breeding for the 2011 season.  Registered Section B Welsh Pony (Sleight of Hand X Whisper My Name Mister) Palomino Roan with two socks and star.  Puppy dog personality and 10 plus movement.  Nice hunter conformation with balance of dressage horse. Will be showing under saddle this year.  $200 per breeding with discounts for Welsh mares and multiple mares.