Have you driven by lately?  Does the property look slightly better than this time last year?

Great…because we certainly think it looks better, and we are doing the hard work to prove it!  Aside from continuously updating, repairing, and facelifting the horse facility, we are planting fruit bushes and trees.

Apple Trees

Three new apple trees grace the gully that used to be full of small pine trees.

Pear Tree

Pear tree is prepared for another bumper crop this year. We didn’t plant this one, but we certainly will enjoy the big juicy pears!

Blueberry Bushes

Four blueberry bushes line the basement entrance. They already have giant green berries. I hope the birds don’t find them!

And for a nice big accomplishment….the tack cabinets are done!  Thanks to my dad, Brad Landen for working so hard on the cabinets in his free time.  We appreciate the effort!

Tack cabinets

Tack cabinets to keep our valuables nice and secure. 🙂