Summer Horse Camp

Fun in the sun….Horse Camp for Summer!

Is your son or daughter horse crazy?

Yes!  We will be offering limited summer camp once school lets out.  How about a week of intensive hands on horse and more horse for your child during the summer?  Check out our dates and rates below.  For any questions please call Ashley at 770-235-9996!


Summer Camp 2- July 11th- 15th

Summer Camp 3- August 1st-5th

Costs per child: $275 per week

Daily Activities:
10:00 am- Campers Arrive
10:15 am- Plan for day
10:25 am- Craft
11:00 am- Lunch
11:30 am- Horsemanship
12:00 pm- Grooming and Tacking
12:30 pm- Group 1 Rides
1:15 pm-Group 2 Rides
2:00 pm- Grooming
2:30 pm- Plan for tomorrow and questions
3:00 pm- Leave for home
* Campers can wear shorts but must bring jeans to change into for riding. Proper shoes are
to be worn at all time (no crocs, flip-flops, etc.), sneakers or boots only.
* Lunch should be brought with child along with a snack and reusable water
* Riding will be taught by trainer Kelsey Whittle.
* Camper’s other activities are to be taught by Ruthanne Dyson (assistant trainer).
Day 1: Introduction
Barn Rules
Dress Code
Conduct from Campers
Day 2:
Review- rules, grooming, tack, and safety
Horsemanship-Parts of horse focus on head and neck
Day 3:
Review rules, grooming, tack, and safety
Horsemanship- parts of horse review head, neck and start body and legs
Day 4:
Review- grooming, tack, and safety
Horsemanship- Review parts of horse and start parts of saddle and bridle
Day 5:
Review grooming, tack, and safety
Horsemanship-review horse and tack
Goals for Riding
1. Be able to mount by self
2. Hold reins correctly
3. Keep heels down
4. Be able to walk on rail by self
5. Use two-point over a pole