We know that it takes a village…not to just raise a child but to also make a successful business! We dedicate this page to all who make it possible to make us a happy and wholesome place to live, work, and play!

If you don’t see your name on here and think it should be on here, please let us know! We did not mean to leave it off!

To the Landen family, for being there when needed and for countless hours spent here working like a dog in the snow and blazing heat.

To the Staples family, for always supporting us through so many changes in our lives.

To Debra & Kent Buis for supporting us and encouraging us when we needed it most.

In loving memory of Willard Alexander, who shared both the love of farming and family.

Our local feed store who carries the Cavalor feed that we love, Wildhorse Tack and Feed!

Cindy Adcock, and the saddles she represents! We love our County saddles!