We have a 3.5 acre pond on our farm that has bass, crappie, catfish, and brim. (There may be other fish in there we’re not aware of.) It’s an old pond from the 50’s (from what we can tell by historical aerial photography) and has a variety of different sized fish in there. We’ve had a number of locals tell me this used to be known as the honey hole in the area, but we’re not fishermen… we only go by what others have told us and what we see them pull out.

So here’s the details if you’d like to come fish here:
– $5 per day per person. 10 and under free.
– The $5 only covers sport fishing. If you want to keep anything, it’s $1 per pound.
– Take your trash out with you. Please don’t litter.
– Park in our gravel parking lot near the barn – not on the dirt or grass please.
– Please be safe, courteous, and respectful of others fishing as well as our horse farm clientele.
– Do not chase, feed, pet, or otherwise bother horses in the pasture. You are borrowing their space to fish.
– The boat and floating dock are for owner use only. Anyone found using either will be asked to leave and not return.
– We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for any reason at any time – including closing the facility early for the day if necessary.
– This is our home. Please treat it as good or better than you would your own.

The address is 5925 Holloman Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127. Please use the gate at this address to enter and exit the property.  All fishing money goes into the Contractors box near the pond (in front of the house). Any other questions can be answered by John, our “Facilities Manager” at 678-758-2731.

We look forward to seeing you soon!